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2022-05-28 11:36:45 By : Ms. Gaby Tang

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THE on-site production or generation of oxygen as opposed to purchasing this gas from a vendor presents a highly cost-effective, safe, space-saving and convenient solution. Atlas Copco’s new OGP+ 3-30 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) machines ensure continuous reliable on-site oxygen generation at a significantly lower total cost per unit of oxygen. Furthermore, with the touch of a button, the user is able to choose the correct oxygen purity level for the application.

“With our OGP+ Oxygen Generators, professional oxygen users can become oxygen producers,” states Zandra van der Westhuizen, Business Line Manager at Atlas Copco Compressor Technique.  “All that is required to switch from sourcing the gas from a vendor to producing oxygen on-site is a compressed air system plus a gas generator and the plug-and-play machine is ready to produce oxygen on-site.”

The Atlas Copco OGP+ generator is supplied standard with an oxygen sensor, a digital flow meter, a pressure regulator and an automatic start-up function. The machine features a new advanced controller with a large HD colour touchscreen that enables easy, user-friendly navigation through options such as oxygen purity selection and purity alerts. The automated 24/7 feed air and oxygen monitoring and interception function safeguards the quality of the OGP+ generator’s performance and output.